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Media Production

Separate strategies and campaigns for online and traditional media do not work, what is needed is an integrated approach to the brand.

KRAZYBOYZ digital will review your brand and integrate your branding effectively to provide a consistent message and look throughout your online and above-the-line communication mediums.

The marketing and communication campaigns that we execute are generally not just single channel campaigns, but campaigns that focus on comprehensively integrating and synergising real world advertising (TV, radio and print) with multiple digital channels (Web, email and SMS) and online marketing tactics (SEO, keyword acquisition, website optimisation, keywords, copy, image tags and code), viral campaigns, and advertorial campaigns. With key partners specialising in media buying and placement we are able to provide you with a digital solution which will effectively place your brand.

KRAZYBOYZ employs a successful planning framework when developing digital marketing and communication strategies and plans. This includes defining tactical objectives, strategic goals, business requirements and technical requirements, and then deploying campaigns and measuring results.

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